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Installing the KosherBed

Picture of Instruction Page, to show how to apply the "KosherBed" product.
Decorated Bedroom


Is the KosherBed easy to install?

Yes, We are proud to ensure that we have finally developed a product which ensures comfort and is very easily installed. We advise you use the Instruction Page for the first few installations.

Is the KosherBed waterproof?

Yes, the KosherBed is waterproof. We have great reviews from customers, who's kids have climbed into their bed, (while enjoying the luxurious King sized bed  ) and the KosherBed also saved the beds from the kids "accidents"!

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, We offer gift cards. Please contact us for more info.

Does the KosherBed take alot of storage space?

No, not at all. We have designed the product to take up the minimum amount of storage space. Once folded correctly into the storage bag, You can easily find space for your KosherBed.

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