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Success Stories

Take Our Word For It

At first I thought it would be difficult to keep the Jewish Halacha because I would need to purchase 2 single beds, and would have to give up on the dream of having a huge double bed. But thanks to KosherBed, I am no longer missing out. I now have my 2 single beds connected perfectly into a huge double bed! Cheers!

Ya'akov Cohen

Wow! What a life changer! My wife and I are so excited that we can now sleep comfortably in our bed! We used to always get stuck in the crack between the beds, but now with the KosherBed product, it has completely changed our bed into one King sized bed!!

Levy Adelson

This KosherBed product was absolutely fantastic! We couldn't believe that there is a product which can connect two queen beds into a King size bed so smoothly! Thank You KosherBed!

Shira Friedman

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